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Medieval Cities Tour in Padova region


A tasteful and interesting itinerary to know small centres rich in history; to enjoy the spedcialties of Venetian kitchen.

Meeting with the tour guide in Monselice (exit highway A13 Bologna-Padua) next to the parking “Della Cava”.

Monselice is a suggestive city with magnificent medieval walls. It was inhabited since the Bronze Age and the legend attributes to the Trojan Ossicella, its building. The medieval fortress (Mastio Federiciano) dominates from its the valley and the inhabitants. The fitted walls and the powerful castle, enriched by a rich collection of arms and armours, recalls its strategic importance in the past medieval times. The “Carousel of the Fortress”, a spectacular yearly event taking place every third Sunday of September, celebrates the days during which the Emperor Federico II stayed in Monselice, involving the inhabitants in games and celebrations that to this date still excite both citizens and tourists. Next stop of the tour is Este, one of the more interesting cities ofVeneto. The city extends throughout the surrounding of the Euganian Hills, to find its origins in ancient pasts: there are accounts of settlements from the Palaeolithic Era  becoming one of the most important places of the venetian-Palaeolithic civilizations, of which all the testimonies and artefact can be found in the National Museum Atestino. During theRoman Empireit was named Atheste, from theAthesisRiver(Adige) that ran alongside, it became  town hall and colony. A great number of  archaeological ruins and tombs have been found across the territory. Vases made of clay, bronze and copper have been recovered in the tombs dated dated back from the 1000 to the 500 A.C.The findings from later centuries a certain artistic evolution of the ceramics in the ornamental motives. Destroyed by invading Barbarians in 5th Century, Este resurrected until in 1056 became the favourite home by powerful feudatories, named Estensi with Marquis Azzo II. The Estensi moved toFerrarain the XIII century, leaving Este torn between different families:  Scaligeri, Visconti and Carraresi

Stop lunch Restaurant The proposed menu is the following one:Taste of 2 First  courses Second Course with Side dishes Dessert Coffee, mineral water, bottled wine

After the lunch a brief visit to the Castle and transfer to Montagnana, one of the cities that better conserve the medieval walls and main monuments. To walk by Montañana is a wealth for the spirit; the city offers architectonic beauties with a still intact aspect, the places and the streets still seem to sound noises of the cars and voices of the inhabitants of the past century. Fortified by its splendid walls, Montañana is peculiar and also sceptical and attracts the tourists not only by its historical aspect that is everything a spectacle but by its beauty generally

 Rate per person: € 50,00 minimum 20 participants

 The rate includes Guided tours of the walled city of the provinceof Padua(Monselice, Este and Montagnana), complete day. Lunch at Hotel Villa Altura including drinks.

 The rate does not include Transfers, gratuities and extras in general.


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