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Jewish Trieste

Jewish Trieste

A professional tourist guide will bring you through Jewish heritage in Trieste.
The Itinerary: Piazza Unità, Ghetto,Umberto Saba antiquarian book shop and Synagogue.
Note: Entrance to Synagogue except Jewish and national holidays.

The old Town and the GhettoThe ancient ghetto extends very close to the Borsa palace and the main square of Trieste, piazza Unità, showing through this position the central role reached by the Jewish Community of Trieste, already in 1696, when the ghetto was established.

Umberto Saba antiquarian book shop Libreria Antiquaria Umberto Saba – celebrated by the many admirers of the poet who immortalized Trieste’s “surly grace” – is located at the commercial center of the city.

Via del Monte end Sinagoga The Synagogue in via San Francesco is one of the most significant buildings of the multi-religious nature of Trieste. Designed by the architects Ruggero and Arduino Berlam, the monumental Synagogue was unveiled in 1912, proving the great influence reached by the Jewish Community in the economic and cultural life of the town.

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